Standards and requirements for welding stainless steel baskets

Stainless steel mesh baskets or iron spray plastic mesh baskets needs to choose the raw materials that meet their needs.

The welding of the basket is attributed to pressure welding. The welding of the thin wire and the thick wire is based on the welding depth, and there is no welding injury on the back of the thick wire.

The exterior is beautifully lubricated. It has beautiful appearances, which is square with small scale errors. The service life of the basket depends on the robustness of the welding.

Regardless of the wire’s thickness, it is not easy to break. The welding is not easy, although it simply shows the disadvantages of opening welding. The factory uses a new type of welding machine and develops a new set of welding technology, that is 4s welding. The welding is more robust and there are no welding injuries. It makes the welding of the basket more robust and does not open the welding, which greatly increases the service life.

We have stainless steel mesh basket welding skills and welding methods, and they can produce stainless steel mesh baskets, stainless steel baskets, stainless steel baskets, whose wire diameter ranging from 1mm to 10mm. The first choice is thorium tungsten electrode with the sufficient welding power.