What is a standard sterilization basket? What’s it for?

Standard sterilization baskets are also called standard baskets, sterile baskets, hospital sterilization supply center load blue, storage rack load baskets, hospital sterilization supply center load baskets, ISO standard sterilization baskets, ISO standard baskets, full Stainless steel sterilization baskets, sterilizer standard baskets, sterilizer baskets, stainless steel storage baskets, stainless steel drop-off baskets, sterilizer standard basket and so on.


High-quality 316 stainless steel is used, with low bacterial adhesion rate and high resistance to acid and alkali.

Convenient storage and transportation of items.

It can effectively avoid pollution caused by hands touching sterile items.

Suitable for sterilization of clean items, storage and transportation of sterile items.

Multiple standard baskets can be stacked and stored to save storage space.

Used as a container for storing, transporting and cleaning items.